Eco-Friendly Practices

At International Hotel Supply, we embrace our responsibility to make a positive impact on the people we serve, the products we bring to market and the planet we are privileged to share.
We continually adopt practices to help protect our environment and strengthen our organizational sustainability. We have also established philanthropic initiatives to support the well-being of our communities.

Sustainable Products

Our Living Green collection features over 4,600 environmentally friendly products in every category, from irons and pillows to bath and facial tissue.
Look out for a green leaf, which indicates that the product is eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, is recyclable itself and conserves energy, water and/or waste.

Free your hotel from plastic and save the world

Measuring Up to Living Green

We use 26 established environmental certifications and standards.
28 different eco-friendly attributes to make sure that our
Living Green products are sustainable.
To learn more about our Living Green criteria:

View our Living Green Certification list

View our Living Green Attributes